Azaya Ranch Sanctuary is a dedicated family-run organization that prioritizes the well-being of every animal in our care. We provide personalized attention to ensure their health and genuine happiness. Our mission is to rescue animals and facilitate their adoption into loving homes, while equipping them with the essential skills to flourish in their new environment.

What makes Azaya Ranch Sanctuary different?

Our Mission

At Azaya Ranch Sanctuary, we believe in providing lifelong support for the animals in our care. Even after an animal is adopted, we remain available to offer guidance and assistance for as long as needed. We offer on-site training to new adopters to ensure a seamless transition for both the animal and the family. By providing this foundation for success, we strive to set up each animal for a happy and healthy life in their new home.

Before adoption, all of our animals undergo spaying/neutering, microchipping, and vaccination, so that they can start their new lives healthy and protected. We are proud of the community and values we live by at Azaya Ranch Sanctuary, and consider each and every animal that we’ve successfully adopted out an extension of that community. We hope that through the continued dedication of our volunteers, donors, and adopters, we can continue to promote these values and make a difference in the lives of animals in need.